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Sun Raye's Archive Files

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Okay, here's the story about my picture pages. I am getting _many_ "free" accounts by people like Tripod and I am devoting a page to each of these people.. some of the scouts have already been updated, like Darien and Raye (who would have thought) but I am working on all of them now. I'm sorry for the heavy construction and hopefully during the Spring Break I can finally finish. Until I have enough web space to put all of my pictures on, I am putting up my rare pics. Updated (not crappy) pages are shown by the happy love bunny I drew shown here:

Oh yeah, also if you guys can help e find good rare pics, send them to my e-mail addy and I'll add them on the pic pages.. I have one question though: I can understand wanting credit of something you drew, but why would people get all puffed up about frames of the anime seen all over the world? I dunno.. maybe its just me =]

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The Different Themes

Sailor Moon
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Saturn
Sailor ChibiMoon
Sailor ChibiChibi
Sailor Starlights
Sailor Moon Cats
Sailor Moon Group Pictures
Sailor Moon Villians
My Mistress 9 Shrine
The TwEaKeD Raye/Darien Love Page
And my little Monkey Darien

Crystal Key, Take Me Home!